IT Process Framework

Efektik bir IT yönetimi için hazırlanmış süreç ve metriklerin olduğu tablo. Bunun gibi her endüstriye özel çerçeveler için

PCF ID Hierarchy ID Name Metrics available?
10008 7.0 Manage Information Technology Y
10563 7.1 Manage the business of information technology Y
10570 7.1.1 Develop the enterprise IT strategy Y
10603 Build strategic intelligence N
10604 Identify long-term IT needs of the enterprise in collaboration with stakeholders N
10605 Define strategic standards, guidelines, and principles N
10606 Define and establish IT architecture and development standards N
10607 Define strategic vendors for IT components N
10608 Establish IT governance organization and processes N
10609 Build strategic plan to support business objectives N
10571 7.1.2 Define the enterprise architecture N
10611 Establish the enterprise architecture definition N
10612 Confirm enterprise architecture maintenance approach N
10613 Maintain the relevance of the enterprise architecture N
10614 Act as clearinghouse for IT research and innovation N
10615 Govern the enterprise architecture N
10572 7.1.3 Manage the IT portfolio N
10616 Establish the IT portfolio N
10617 Analyze and evaluate the value of the IT portfolio for the enterprise N
10618 Provision resources in accordance with strategic priorities N
10573 7.1.4 Perform IT research and innovation N
10620 Research technologies to innovate IT services and solutions N
10621 Transition viable technologies for IT services and solutions development N
10575 7.1.5 Evaluate and communicate IT business value and performance Y
10625 Establish and monitor key performance indicators N
10626 Evaluate IT plan performance N
10627 Communicate IT value N
10564 7.2 Develop and manage IT customer relationships Y
10578 7.2.1 Develop IT services and solutions strategy Y
11244 Research IT services and solutions to address business and user requirements N
11245 Translate business and user requirements into IT services and solutions requirements N
11246 Formulate IT services and solutions strategic initiatives N
11247 Coordinate strategies with internal stakeholders to ensure alignment N
11248 Evaluate and select IT services and solutions strategic initiatives N
10579 7.2.2 Develop and manage IT service levels N
10640 Create and maintain the IT services and solutions catalog N
10641 Establish and maintain business and IT service -evel agreements N
10642 Evaluate and report service-level attainment results N
10643 Communicate business and IT service-level improvement opportunities N
10580 7.2.3 Perform demand-side management (DSM) for IT services N
10644 Analyze IT services and solutions consumption and usage N
10645 Develop and implement incentive programs that improve consumption efficiency N
10646 Develop volume/unit forecast for IT services and solutions N
10581 7.2.4 Manage IT customer satisfaction Y
10647 Capture and analyze customer satisfaction N
10648 Assess and communicate customer satisfaction patterns N
10649 Initiate improvements based on customer satisfaction patterns N
10582 7.2.5 Market IT services and solutions N
10650 Develop IT services and solutions marketing strategy N
10651 Develop and manage IT customer strategy N
10652 Manage IT services and solutions advertising and promotional campaigns N
10653 Process and track IT services and solutions orders N
11220 7.3 Develop and implement security, privacy, and data protection controls Y
11230 7.3.1 Establish information security, privacy, and data protection strategies and levels N
11231 7.3.2 Test, evaluate, and implement information security and privacy and data protection controls N
10565 7.4 Manage enterprise information Y
10583 7.4.1 Develop information and content management strategies Y
10654 Understand information and content management needs and the role of IT services for executing the business strategy N
10655 Assess the information and content management implications of new technologies N
10656 Identify and prioritize information and content management actions N
10584 7.4.2 Define the enterprise information architecture Y
10657 Define information elements, composite structure, logical relationships and constraints, taxonomy, and derivation rules N
10658 Define information access requirements N
10659 Establish data custodianship N
10660 Manage changes to content data architecture requirements N
10585 7.4.3 Manage information resources Y
10661 Define the enterprise information/data policies and standards N
10662 Develop and implement data and content administration N
10586 7.4.4 Perform enterprise data and content management Y
10663 Define sources and destinations of content data N
10664 Manage technical interfaces to users of content N
10665 Manage retention, revision, and retirement of enterprise information N
17459 Manage documents N
14016 Manage information archives N
10566 7.5 Develop and maintain information technology solutions Y
10587 7.5.1 Develop the IT development strategy Y
10666 Establish sourcing strategy for IT development N
10667 Define development processes, methodologies, and tools standards N
10668 Select development methodologies and tools N
10588 7.5.2 Perform IT services and solutions life cycle planning N
10669 Plan development of new requirements N
10670 Plan development of feature and functionality enhancement N
10671 Develop life cycle plan for IT services and solutions N
10589 7.5.3 Develop and maintain IT services and solutions architecture N
10672 Create IT services and solutions architecture N
10673 Revise IT services and solutions architecture N
10674 Retire IT services and solutions architecture N
10590 7.5.4 Create IT services and solutions Y
10675 Understand confirmed requirements N
10676 Design IT services and solutions N
10677 Acquire/Develop IT service/solution components N
10678 Train services and solutions resources N
10679 Test IT services/solutions N
10680 Confirm customer acceptance N
10591 7.5.5 Maintain IT services and solutions Y
10681 Understand upkeep/enhance requirements and defect analysis N
10682 Design change to existing IT service/solution N
10683 Acquire/develop changed IT service/solution component N
10684 Test IT service/solution change N
10685 Retire solutions and services N
10567 7.6 Deploy information technology solutions Y
10592 7.6.1 Develop the IT deployment strategy Y
10686 Establish IT services and solutions change policies N
10687 Define deployment process, procedures, and tools standards N
10688 Select deployment methodologies and tools N
10593 7.6.2 Plan and implement changes N
10689 Plan change deployment N
10690 Communicate changes to stakeholders N
10691 Administer change schedule N
10692 Train impacted users N
10693 Distribute and install change N
10694 Verify change N
10594 7.6.3 Plan and manage releases N
10695 Understand and coordinate release design and acceptance N
10696 Plan release rollout N
10697 Distribute and install release N
10698 Verify release N
10568 7.7 Deliver and support information technology services Y
10595 7.7.1 Develop IT services and solution delivery strategy N
10699 Establish sourcing strategy for IT delivery N
10700 Define delivery processes, procedures, and tools standards N
10701 Select delivery methodologies and tools N
10596 7.7.2 Develop IT support strategy N
10702 Establish sourcing strategy for IT support N
10703 Define IT support services N
10597 7.7.3 Manage IT infrastructure resources N
10704 Manage IT inventory and assets N
10705 Manage IT resource capacity N
10598 7.7.4 Manage IT infrastructure operations N
10706 Deliver IT services and solutions N
10707 Perform IT operations support services N
10599 7.7.5 Support IT services and solutions Y
10708 Manage availability N
10709 Manage facilities N
10710 Manage backup/recovery N
10711 Manage performance and capacity N
10712 Manage incidents N
10713 Manage problems N
10714 Manage inquiries N



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