Pega Technical Architecture


This is in continuation to my previous post on Pega Architecture. If that is a functional view on PRPC capabilities, the following is little more detailed in terms of various components within PRPC.


Each of the components are briefed as below –

EJB container Java EE application server that provides the facilities for executing Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)
PRServlet Main servlet to handle users and developers interaction with PRPC
prsysmgmt – Web application that developers can use to monitor and control caches, listeners, agents and other process commander facilities- Uses JMX extension (Java management extension) to access these process commander facilities hosted as Managed beans in MBean Server
Resource adaptor Ability to integrate PRPC with other enterprise systems
PRAsync MDB Using Message driven beans to receive messages asynchronously. A message-driven bean is a message listener that can reliably consume messages from a queue or a durable subscription.
E-tier MBeans MBeans…

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