An Identity Management System in TOGAF: stakeholders, concerns, views & viewpoints

API Crazy

This article is how I would deliver an Identity Management architecture and implementation in accordance with the Open Group’s TOGAF architecture development method. This post is based on my personal experience as a digital enterprise architect and as a solution architect implementing indenting management, master data management and security systems. I intend this to be part of a series on applying TOGAF and using IdM as an example. In this first post I will only describe the functional capability necessary for an IdM system and will focus on the TOGAF definitions for stakeholder, concern, view and viewpoint.


Firstly the Identity Management (IdM) implementation will be referred to as the TOGAF system. This system has stakeholders who have concerns. The stakeholder has a view of the system which is taken from their viewpoint. These definitions allow a business architecture and architecture building blocks to be created for the identity management…

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