Recordings of 17 VMworld Europe Breakout Sessions


– vSphere Upgrade Series Part 1: vCenter Server
VSVC4944 – PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive
VSVC4605 – What’s New in VMware vSphere?
VSVC5005 – What’s New in vSphere Platform & Storage
– vCenter Deep Dive
– Performance and Capacity Management of DRS Clusters
– VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance for Multiprocessor Virtual Machines – Technical Preview
– vSphere Data Protection – What’s New and Technical
BCO4872 – Operating and Architecting a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Infrastructure
– Network Virtualization: Moving Beyond the Obvious
EUC5291 – Horizon View Troubleshooting: Looking under the Hood
EUC7370-S – The Software Defined Datacenter Meets End User Computing
PHC4783 – How To Build Your Hybrid Cloud and Consume the Public Cloud
PHC5605-S – Everything You Want to Know About vCloud Hybrid but were afraid to ask
STO5391 – VMware Virtual SAN
STO5715-S – Software-defined Storage – The Next Phase in the Evolution of Enterprise Storage
VCM7369-S – Uncovering the Hidden Truth in Log Data With vCenter Log Insight


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